About me

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I’m Arlin Cuncic, a longtime mental health writer, editor, and expert living in Ontario, Canada. I am dedicated to helping people with social anxiety (and other mental health challenges) live their best lives.

I started writing about anxiety in 2007 when I joined forces with About.com. I wanted to report on trending topics and share tips with readers around the world who were too afraid to get help, or maybe even leave their house.

It seems the demand for that information was strong, as my articles at About.com flourished to the hundreds and views of those articles continue to rise. Some days, the equivalent of a small town reads my articles in a day.

In 2017, my site at the renamed Verywell.com (part of the About group) was listed as one of Healthline’s Best Anxiety Blogs of the Year.

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Who am I to give advice?

To learn more about my education and work experience in mental health, see my profile at LinkedIn.

My hope is that this blog helps you to live well with social anxiety!

-Arlin Cuncic